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BD 200 R

Value without compromise

BD 200 R

The new Barum 200 R series offers reliable day-to-day performance and is ideal for today’s tight deadlines and cost pressure in transport business. Barum 200 R: value without compromise.

Drive axle tyre with superior traction in any weather conditions, high mileage and great durability.

  • Great mileage performance
  • High cut resistance
  • Wet performance

Product range

BD 200 R
Tyre size LI / SI M+S 3PMSF
205/75 R 17.5 124/122M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
215/75 R 17.5 126/124M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
225/75 R 17.5* 129/127M M+S - E C 75dB/2
235/75 R 17.5 132/130M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
245/70 R 17.5* 136/134M M+S - E C 75dB/2
245/70 R 19.5* 136/134M M+S - D C 73dB/2
285/70 R 19.5* 145/143M M+S - D C 75dB/2
295/60 R 22.5* 150/147L M+S 3PMSF D C 76dB/2
295/80 R 22.5 152/148M M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
315/60 R 22.5* 152/148L M+S 3PMSF D C 76dB/2
315/70 R 22.5 154/150L (152/148M) M+S 3PMSF D C 74dB/2
315/80 R 22.5 156/150L (154/150M) M+S 3PMSF D C 75dB/2

*Alternative tread pattern available.

Barum. A brand of Continental.