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About Barum

Tyre quality you notice every time you get behind the wheel

Buying tyres is a matter of trust. Barum not only offers you suitable tyres at a good price, but also expert advice tailored to your car and your traffic needs. All in line with our "Good tyres. Good deal." claim. People have been relying on Barum tyres for more than 70 years. The secret of our success? Premium quality materials and careful workmanship at affordable tyre prices. When Barum tyres are fitted to your car you will be impressed by their well-balanced driving characteristics and very high mileage. 

Long years of experience in the tyre manufacturing process are reflected not only in driving comfort, but also in safety aspects that we prize just as highly as you do. The special rubber compounds we use for our summer, winter and all-season tyres are key. They ensure that our tyres have the best grip, even on winding or wet roads. 

"Good tyres. Good deal."

Superb performance at a great price: Barum tyres combine all the features that contribute to driving pleasure, and do it all at consistently low prices.
As one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in Europe and a member of the Continental Group, we currently produce over 21 million tyres annually. While we continuously optimise our internal processes, our tyre prices always remain fair to you.

Modern tyres made to impress

At first glance, all tyres are round and made from dark rubber. But if you take a closer look, you will come to realise that tyres are a real high-tech product made from many different components. This is why research and tyre manufacturing technologies have been the focus at Barum from the very beginning, and more so than ever before since we joined the Continental Group in 1993. Why? Because Barum benefits from the experience and research capacities of the German tyre manufacturer and can therefore focus on the overall objective: Safe driving pleasure, premium tyre quality and low prices. 

Quality is the be-all and end-all

Thanks to years of experience, premium quality Barum tyres for cars, SUVs and vans are rolling off the production lines at our modern factories. Our high standards have also been recognised by the Lloyd's Register Group. Barum was awarded the Lloyd's Register Certificate in 1994 in accordance with ISO 9001 for the quality of the production process for car and lorry tyres.

In addition to the high quality demands placed on the production process, economic aspects also play an important role for Barum. The company was awarded the Health and Environmental Protection Prize in 1998 for the quality of our environmental control system.