Seasons change.
Duties don't.
Bravuris 5HM
Long lasting performance.
Discover the joy of every new trip.
Bravuris 5HM
The mix makes the difference:

the smooth riding fuel saver.

Barum Quartaris 5 Stage
Seasons change.
Safety stays.
A car tyre with the required minimum tread depth stands on a road.
Tyre tread depth

What should the tread depth of summer tyres be? Find out about your summer tyres' wear limit and durability.

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The EU tyre label on a tyre.
EU Tyre Label

Based on three criteria, the EU Tyre Label provides information on the environmental and safety characteristics of a tyre.

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Difference between summer, all-season and winter tyres

What’s the difference between all tyre types? We’re here to help you understand their advantages.

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How often do you check your tyre pressure?

Regular checking prevents wear and ensures safety.

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You can rely on Barum

Durable, premium quality and affordable: You can rely on our tyres. Discover why Barum tyres are the smart choice!

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Tyre size
Which tyres fit my car?

When buying tyres, it's all about the right tyre size. We explain how to determine the permitted tyre size.

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