Tyre Knowledge

Tyre basics – for a long lasting and safe driving experience

You might think the engine is the most important part of a car – but where would you go without the tyres? As the only thing that connects the car to the ground, you should take good care of them to ensure a safe driving experience. With the right tyre care, you can preserve the tyre’s quality and performance. Our experts are eager to share their knowledge and provide you with important tyre information. Read on and get to know your tyre!

All-season or winter tyres: When you should make the switch

All-season vs winter tyres

How to decide if you can use all-season or should use winter tyres? Our Barum Tyre Expert knows!

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Difference between summer, all-season and winter tyres

All-season vs winter tyres vs summer tyres

What’s the difference between all tyre types? We’re here to help you understand their advantages.

Know the difference

Advantages of tyres: Which are there for each type?

Types of tyres

What advantages do the types of tyres have? Which should you buy? We’ll help you find out.

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What are summer tyres, and can they be used all year?

Summer tyres: Provide safety in wet and dry

Are you considering using summer tyres during the warmer months? Here’s what you should know.

Experience summer driving

How do winter tyres work?

Winter tyres get you through the coldest part of the year. The secret? The combination of the material and tread. Read it now!

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Extend the service life of your tyres

Eventually, the situation becomes clear: New tyres are necessary. However, how do you get the most out of your tyres? Find out now!

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What are seasonal tyres for?

Whether summer or winter, the changing seasons put tyres through their paces. Seasonal tyres ensure optimal performance depending on the weather. Find out more!

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Tyre Approval

The tyre size is in the vehicle registration document.

What is tyre approval? And what else needs to be considered regarding this topic? Our expert will tell you. 

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Minimum tyre tread depth for summer tyres: the permitted wear limit

A car tyre with the required minimum tread depth stands on a road.

What should the tread depth of summer tyres be? Find out about your summer tyres' wear limit and durability.

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Which tyre size fits my car?

A finger points to the tyre size on a car tyre.

When buying tyres, it's all about the right tyre size. We explain how to determine the permitted tyre size for your car. 

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What are XL tyres?

A car with XL tyres stands between bushes.

XL tyres are designed for heavy loads. Find out which vehicles need XL tyres and everything you should know about them.

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