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Technical Details

Outstanding High Mileage

The Bravuris 5 HM is made of the High Mileage compound with a new polymer technology that provides the next level of abrasion resistance. Its innovative central rib design with optimized lateral grooves and sipes delivers a reliably smooth rolling behavior. The balanced rib position optimizes stiffness distribution and an even footprint pressure, which helps avoid irregular wear – and adds up to a really  outstanding, long-lasting mileage!


Reliable Dry Performance

With its latest-silica-generation enhanced compound, the Bravuris 5 HM delivers rolling resistance and grip at top level performance. Closed blocks on both sides and the patented interlocking sipe design improve pattern stiffness which leads to a convincing grip and full steering control.  


Low Rolling Resistance

The highly flexible and improved temperature resistant compound with enhanced vulcanization components reduces rolling resistance. An optimized pattern design minimizes tyre deformation and prevents heat buildup. This effectively means: less friction, smoother rolling – and ultimately a low fuel consumption with a truly cost-saving.


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