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Technical Details

Higher Profitability

The specially developed new High Mileage Van Compound with a high percentage of the newest silica generation provides outstanding mileage performance and reliable grip on every surface in every weather condition. Enhanced with this new compound, the Barum Vanis AllSeason offers the perfect harmony between fuel saving and long lasting all season performance at a great price.

All Year Usage

The new Vanis AllSeason utilises deep and wide grooves for winter performance instead of many fragile sipes. This new groove layout collects more snow enabling an improved snow-snow friction which leads to enhanced handling and better braking performance in all driving situations.Winter performance is also guaranteed by the 3PMSF-certificate.

Increased Durability

Instead of a classic scuff rip design the new Barum Vanis AllSeason offers up to one mm of additional rubber which is placed all over the upper sidewall area. This new Sidewall Reinforcement increases the protection from curb abrasions and leads to a longer service life of the tyre.

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