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Pattern Highlights

  • Straight Shoulder Grooves
    Asymmetric profile for maximum durability
  • Circumferential Rib Pattern
    Excellent driving stability and safe handling as well as low noise emission for best riding comfort
  • 3D Center Grooves
    Minimum stone trapping and quick stone ejection for increased longevity
  • 2D-Pocket-Sipes
    Pocket Sipes in center and intermediate tracks to add 3PMSF and positively support the wet performance
Barum BT 300 R Pattern Highlights

Technical Highlights

  • Great mileage
    Thanks to wide tread area the new tyre delivers impressive mileage and thus saves operational costs.
  • High cut resitance
    Resists cut and cracks thus helping to extend run out life due to the new tread compound.
  • Wet performance
    Offers reliable and stable driving control over lifetime even in challenging weather.
  • 3PMSF marking
    The new sipes design in the center tread area ensures improved safety on wintry roads.
Barum BT 300 R Pattern Highlights

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