DIY - Tyre Care and Maintenance

Basic car tyre maintenance checks

Do you want to save money by handling tyre maintenance on your own? As regular checks are mandatory to ensure a tyre’s security and reliability, you should try to learn how to perform simple checks on your tyres’ condition. With the help of Barum’s tyre guide you will not only be able to say when to change a tyre, but also find instructions on how to do it yourself. Tyre maintenance increases the tyre’s service life and doing it yourself can save money, too.

Changing tyres yourself: Everything you need to know

Someone tightens the tyres on a car.

You should change your tyres twice a year. Follow our instructions and save time and money by doing it yourself.

Learn how to change your tyres

Checking tyre pressure: The advantage

Someone measures the tyre pressure on their car.

Only people who regularly check tyre pressure are safe on the road. Stay safe and protect your wallet with our tips.

Check your tyre pressure now

Fitting tyres: What to look out for?

A tyre is fitted in a workshop.

A few things need to be considered when mounting tyres on rims. Barum explains what should be considered.

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Tyre balancing: What is it?

A tyre is balanced in a workshop.

Increase the service life of your tyres by regularly having it balanced out. Find all important information in our guide.

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