Safety & driving tips

Tyre safety and driving tips – be safe all year round

Our car tyres need to provide a maximum amount of safety and reliability - not only in winter when we face challenging weather conditions. Yet, snow and icy roads may concern drivers the most. That is why Barum has assembled useful information on winter tyres. Furthermore, tyre safety is of importance. Luckily, you don’t always need an expert to make sure your tires are in a good condition. With our tips and tricks, it can easily be checked on by yourself.

How to avoid a flat tyre on the motorway

A deflated tyre can have many reasons

A popped tyre can be avoided. Find out what causes a tyre to blow out and how to prevent it.

Drive safely

How to save fuel: save gas with fuel efficient driving

Save gas and money

How to save fuel and get maximum efficiency? Be smart and find out with our fuel saving tips.

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How to prevent ice from developing on your windshield overnight without car window covers

Prevent ice on windshield overnight

How to prevent ice from developing on your windshield overnight without car window covers

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Driving in winter: How to reach your destination safely

Driving on ice and snow: Our tips will get you ready for driving in winter. Read on to discover the essentials!  

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Mandatory winter tyres: From when do you need winter tyres?

Driving and safety tips for driving on snow.

Winter tyres are mandatory in Germany. This is subject to certain conditions. Our guide will explain what these are.

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Tightening wheel nuts: Why is it so important?

Someone tightens the tyres on a car.

It is not the tyres that are tightened, it is the wheel nuts. Our expert will tell you how to do it.

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Tyre direction: how to identify it

An arrow indicates the rolling direction.

Some tyres have a predetermined direction. We explain how to recognise them and what their advantages are.

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